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Looking Forward, Looking Back

Semicentennial Anticipations
With Janus’ multiperspective prowess, we can look forward to the auspicious beginnings of preparations for the celebrations of the Calgary Public Library’s 50th Anniversary in 2012 – including our local Nose Hill branch - and the Brentwood Community Association’s 50th Anniversary in 2013, as well as look back at the preceding five decades which have shaped our special community. One way to prepare for reflection is to gather together all our community newsletters and make them easily available to anyone researching our community’s evolution.

Digital Bugle Archives
Help us develop the Brentwood Bugle archive page under the Community tab on www.natureground.org/bugle.php in order to house downloadable pdfs of every issue published. Riverview Printing, our current publisher, regularly posts web-resolution pdfs of the current and past two months at www.riverview-printing.com. Graciously, they have also provided us with full resolution pdfs for all the Bugles they've published since starting in July 2009. As well, we have collected many digital issues from over the past few years, and are posting them here on Natureground.org.

Volunteer Opportunity
Do you have any time to scan – in colour – archived Bugles and create the missing pdfs? Perhaps you know some youth looking for service hours that can work together on this project! Our Community Association does have a fairly complete collection of hard copies, or perhaps you have some old issues hanging around which you could scan and send. We may even be able to provide you with a location in which to do the scanning if you do not have a colour scanner yourself.

As soon as we receive new scans/pdfs – emailed to the address below - we’ll post them to the website, and together we’ll watch our archives grow. It will be most interesting to then delve into them, perhaps finding out things about our community and ourselves which we did not appreciate before. From its beginnings on the edge of undisturbed prairie to its recently acquired inner city zoning designation, Brentwood is the distinctive place which so many have called home over the last half century.

Environmentally yours,
Polly Lee Knowlton Cockett